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10 ENEC Delegation Visits KAERI for Comprehensive Discussions and Strengthens Partnership

On July 19, representatives from Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (“ENEC”) visited the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (“KAERI”). The visit was marked by in-depth conversations encompassing a broad range of topics, from the launch of a new R&D project in safety research, to potential collaborations in nuclear hydrogen and RI production.

KAERI’s management welcomed the ENEC delegation, expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming conversations. 

The key areas of discussion included application of SMRs for hydrogen production. Dr. Han Gyu Joo, KAERI’s President, highlighted it is time that nuclear R&D should make a serious progress in this field given the urgent need for hydrogen in the industries, and the KAERI-ENEC partnership can play a role in this context. With KAERI’s extensive research in this domain, its collaboration with ENEC is expected to accelerate the development of efficient and sustainable hydrogen production technologies.

As part of their visit, representatives from ENEC went on a technical tour of HANARO, KAERI’s own research reactor. Radioisotopes (RIs) have a wide range of applications, from medical treatments to industrial inspections, and their production is another key area of interest for both ENEC and KAERI. The ENEC delegation’s enthusiasm during the tour highlights the potential for the two organizations’ extended collaboration. 

The visit by the ENEC delegation to KAERI represents a significant step forward in their partnership, paving the way for new projects and advancements in the field of nuclear energy research and development. 

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