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10 NNSA’s Principal Deputy Administrator Visits KAERI to Strengthen Cooperation on Nuclear Nonproliferation Technology

Mr. Frank Rose, Principal Deputy Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), visited KAERI on July 21, 2023, to discuss and strengthen cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation technology between the two institutions.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Han Gyu Joo, the President of KAERI, to the NNSA delegation visiting Daejeon. Dr. Joo highlighted the paramount importance of nuclear nonproliferation and security and acknowledged the longstanding cooperation between Korea and the US. Consequently, Dr. Joo provided detailed insights into KAERI's contributions to strengthening nuclear nonproliferation and security through the development and utilization of Low Enriched Uranium for research reactors. Furthermore, both sides engaged in a fruitful discussion on the current progress of joint research projects, such as the Joint Fuel Cycle Studies. Lastly, both sides actively explored diverse avenues to further enhance nuclear nonproliferation and security, underscoring their shared commitment to promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

As an integral part of this visit, the NNSA delegation had the opportunity to take a technical tour of KAERI’s nuclear fuel fabrication facility. Witnessing the manufacturing and comprehensive testing of nuclear fuel on-site allowed the delegation to gain valuable insights into KAERI's cutting-edge research and development efforts. 

Both KAERI and NNSA look forward to building on this successful visit and nurturing a steadfast partnership that will contribute to the collective efforts in addressing the challenges and complexities of nuclear nonproliferation, ultimately fostering a safer and more secure world.


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