Message from President Message from President 게시판 rss 정보 Message from President 2018-11-29 11:40:15.0 308 314 BOARD00299 MENU00708 관리자 <!-- 콘텐츠영역 --> <h2>"Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) performs research and developments to enhance national energy security and to lead a carbon-neutral future with safe nuclear power, and also to improve the health and life quality of the people with advanced radiation and quantum beam technologies."</h2> Thank you for your interest in our institute. KAERI was established as the first national research institute of Korea in 1959. Its role is to perform comprehensive research and developments in the field of atomic energy for the sake of making contributions to academic advancement, national energy security, and diverse utilization of atomic energy. Atomic energy originates from atoms. Such energy is produced through nuclear reactions or arises from radiations emitted by atoms or from quantum beams (electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, etc.) generated in various devices. The most significant application of atomic energy is nuclear power generation. Nuclear power provides stable and clean energy at a low cost without emitting carbon dioxide or fine particulates. Due to its high-density energy characteristics, nuclear power is a quasi-indigenous energy source which involves low cost for imported fuel. Therefore, nuclear energy is an essential means of not only enhancing national energy security but also achieving carbon neutrality in Korea which has an isolated power grid. As the major player in achieving the technology independence in nuclear design and also in developing the Korean standard nuclear power plant, KAERI has contributed for Korea to establish world-class nuclear technology. In particular, it has actively led the technology developments and experimental validations needed for enhancing nuclear safety. In preparation for the expanded use of nuclear energy in the future, KAERI has been developing advanced reactors that are safer and more flexible than conventional reactors. Following the global trend of developing Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), KAERI will further promote the research and developments for practical demonstration of advanced reactors through the collaboration with the private sectors. Additionally, KAERI will keep developing essential technologies for the safe management of spent nuclear fuel, which is essential for the sustainability of nuclear power. Radiations and quantum beams are utilized for various purposes such as disease diagnosis and treatment, security screening, non-destructive testing, material transformation, sterilization and breeding to enhance human health and the quality of life. These are also used as the fundamental tools for basic scientific exploration. KAERI had developed on its own the HANARO multi-purpose research reactor and a proton accelerator. These have been used for valuable radioactive isotope production and also provided a foundation for various quantum beam applications. The Advanced Radiation Technology Institute (ARTI) in Jeongeup specializes in radiation utilization research, while the Korea Multi-purpose Accelerator Complex (KOMAC) in Gyeongju offers a scientific and industrial research base for proton and ion beam technologies. In preparation for the future, we actively promote research and developments led by young researchers to enhance the safety and efficiency of nuclear power by using the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, networks, and robotics. We are also expanding our research infrastructure by constructing the Kijang Research Reactor (KJRR) in Busan and by establishing the Munmu Advanced Research Institute of Nuclear Science (MARINS) in Gyeongju as the second KAERI campus. We are committed to ensuring safe operation of our research facilities. We are also strengthening our effort to correct people's misconception about nuclear power by spreading true information. We envision to be the center of nuclear technology for a better world, supported by the people and the world. We would appreciate your continued support and encouragement. President, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) <!-- //콘텐츠영역-->