Independent NPP decommissioning technology & prepa Independent NPP decommissioning technology & prepa 게시판 rss 정보 Independent NPP decommissioning technology & prepa 2018-11-29 13:13:42.0 317 323 BOARD00307 MENU00726 관리자 <!-- 콘텐츠영역 --> Background As the number of nuclear related jobs is expected to decline due to the energy transition policy, the government is actively supporting the establishment of the nuclear decommissioning market following the permanent shutdown of Kori Unit 1 and promoting the export of nuclear technology to secure alternative jobs Goal Contributing to job creation through the development of key technology in the field of new market demand and capturing new markets Significance The development of new growth engines for innovative growth and consequent job creation are in line with the national philosophy and innovative growth policies <!-- 탭메뉴가 없는 경우 "tabNav_wrap none"변경 --> <h2 class="hide">"Innovative Growth and Job Creation" a detailed list</h2> Development of new safety technology to prevent radioactive material leakage Provision of solutions for safe management of spent fuel <h3 class="hide">Promotion Strategy</h3> (Goal) To develop core technologies necessary for decommissioning of NPPs in Korea and innovative technologies for technical competitiveness in the global decommissioning market (Development of core technology for NPP decommissioning) To prepare for decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants core technologies* required to be developed in a timely manner, and a priority R&amp;D for decommissioning of CANDU NPP There are 10 still-ongoing technologies among 38 selected core technologies; Their completed development is expected no later than 2021 (Global market) Resolving domestic decommissioning issues first and then moving onto development of innovative technology* for the global decommissioning market Automation through a combination of ICT and robotics (Management of North Korean nuclear facility) Verification technology* and peaceful application of nuclear experts for safe management of North Korean nuclear facility Technologies for 1) detection and quantification of sensitive nuclear materials, 2) analysis of trace-level sample, etc. (Action Plan) Expanding collaboration with industry from the technology development level and securing technology transfer to the industry Collaboration with the industry for decommissioning coretechnology application on nuclear facility (2017 &sim; Current) : Doosan Heavy Industries &amp; Construction ($4,000,000 / year) Collaboration with "Southeast Decommissioning Research Institute" (to l be established in 2022) for technology application Research Topics Development of core technology for the Kori-1 NPP Autonomous decommissioning technology with ICT convergence Development of decommissioning technology for heavy water nuclear reactor Technology for reduction and recycling of decommissioning waste Environmental remediation technology for decommissioning sites Development of radiological characterization technology <h3 class="hide">Research Facilities</h3> <h4>Research Facilities</h4> An Immersive visualization system for simulation and evaluation of the nuclear decommissioning process Integrated evaluation system based on an immersive virtual environment to simulate and evaluate the dismantling process of nuclear facilities. <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Bench-scale equipment of chemical decontamination for reactor coolant system Chemical decontamination equipment for the tests of oxide dissolution and decomposition of chemical reagents under a simulated reactor coolant system <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Manipulator for remote dismantling Multiple degrees of freedom manipulator for remote dismantling of nuclear core facilities <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Instrument for remote laser cutting Remote cutting instruments using 6kW class high power fiber laser <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Mobile measurement system for site characterization A real-time in situ measurement and evaluation system that rapidly and accurately measures the residual contamination <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Magnetic separation system for soil remediation A magnetic separation system that separates the fine particles (silt/clay) from contaminated soil for remediation or solidification <!-- //콘텐츠영역-->