Complete localized radiation ecosystem Complete localized radiation ecosystem 게시판 rss 정보 Complete localized radiation ecosystem 2018-11-29 13:14:18.0 318 324 BOARD00308 MENU00727 관리자 <!-- 콘텐츠영역 --> Background Demand for radiation technology will increase significantly due to increased interest in welfare such as health care and demand for new industries Goal Development of high value-added radiation core technology to solve the problems people are facing in their lives and contribute to leading future industries, and fostering new radiation industries based on large regional research facilities Significance Development of radiation technology that is beneficial and safe for people's lives and meets the national government's philosophy and the mission of government-funded research institutes of national security and the creation of new industries <h2 class="hide">"Radiation Fusion Technology" a detailed list</h2> Complete localized radiation ecosystem Development of higher value-added radiation technology&middot;products <h3 class="hide">Promotion Strategy</h3> (Propulsion Direction) Establishment of a radiation industry ecosystem linking radiation facilities and related industries (Support for industrialization based on radiation technology) Supporting industrialization by establishing a spin-off company based on promising radiation technology through linkage with regional R&amp;D special zones and local government (Provide regional radiation-specific services) Establishment of an organization dedicated to strengthening support of large-scale research facility utilization by four major regions and commercialization of radiation technology business (Action plan) Promotion of technology transfer and commercialization of special zones for research and development and fostering differentiated radiation industry specializing in large scale radiation research facilities by region Research Topics Build up of community connected, specialized radiation technology ecosystem Application technology of electron beam demonstration research building Radiation equipment Fab. utilized for research and development Cyclotron based radioisotpe development and production Radioisotope labeling technology and its industrial application Development of high-efficiency radiation breeding technology <h3 class="hide">Research Facilities</h3> <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Cyclotron Facility for radioisotope development and proton beam application research. Radioisotope production, application research, and development of RI generator and equipment automation <h4>Research Facilities</h4> RI-Biomics Research Building Facility based on a comprehensive analysis system of radioisotopes for identifying life phenomena and supporting new drugs, new material development, and non-clinical test <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Radiation Equipment FAB Research and development facility for radiation generator, radiation sensor, and sensor material <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Electron Beam Process Demonstration Research Building Facility for creating new industries and facilitating commercialization through the support of pilot-scale demonstration research of the radiation industry <!-- //콘텐츠영역-->