Nuclear Technology Development for Space, Polar, a Nuclear Technology Development for Space, Polar, a 게시판 rss 정보 Nuclear Technology Development for Space, Polar, a 2018-11-29 13:15:19.0 320 326 BOARD00310 MENU00729 관리자 <!-- 콘텐츠영역 --> Background The necessity to take on challenging technology development beyond the traditional paradigm to meet expected future demands, such as flexible energy sources that respond to the changes in the energy market, and power sources suitable for harsh environments Goal Nuclear system technology development for flexible response to future energy demands Significance Meet the missions of government funded research institutes ; Promoting the sustainable use of nuclear energy Carrying out a leading role in future technology development <!-- 탭메뉴가 없는 경우 "tabNav_wrap none"변경 --> <h2 class="hide">"New Future Technology" a detailed list</h2> Nuclear Technology Development for Space, Polar, and Marine Applications Development of Future New Industry Application Technology Convergence with Fourth Industrial Revolution <h3 class="hide">Promotion Strategy</h3> (Goal) Development of energy supply technologies required for future commercialization such as the development of the northern sea route and space exploration (Development Technologies for Space Applications) Development of nuclear power systems for space exploration (radioisotope battery technology is under development), Development of evaluation technology for core components of space probes, Simulation research for space radiation and environment (Polar and marine application technology development) ecuring the fundamental technology for a nuclear propulsion energy system and electronic components Developing a small nuclear system for the exploitation of polar areas and ocean resources (Action Plan) Promoting joint research with the Korea Research Institute of Ships &amp; Ocean Engineering (KRISO), the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) and Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) Research Topics Source technology development for innovative marine reactor Development of a long-life micro high temperature gas-cooled reactor for energy in remote areas and islands Development of nuclear power source for space exploration and space base Development of core technology for Nuclear battery <h3 class="hide">Research Facilities</h3> <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Small-Scale Gas Loop High temperature and pressure small scale-gas loop is capable of conducting performance tests for laboratory-scale components and code validation. Korea's first closed gas loop facility that can implement 950&deg;C operating temperature of the VHTR under high pressure and can be used to develop a compact heat exchanger for VHTR and a high heat flux heat pipe <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Nuclear Battery Development Facility This facility can be used for manufacturing and conducting performance evaluation tests of nuclear batteries such as radioisotope heater unit fabrication, analyzing characteristics of a thermoelectric module, measuring electricity converting efficiency, etc. <h4>Research Facilities</h4> Fuel manufacturing Device Experimental device for the development of fuel manufacturing technology applicable to multi-purpose small nuclear reactor <!-- //콘텐츠영역-->