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Message from President

"Creating a better future for Korea with safety as the top priority."

As Korea’s only research institute dedicated to research and technology development of nuclear energy,
the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) was established in 1959 to achieve energy self-reliance
through nuclear technology.

We have paved the way for Korea’s nuclear industry to break new ground.

Among our key achievements are the design and construction of the Korean Standard Nuclear
Power Plant, the localization of nuclear fuel, the design and construction of HANARO research reactor,
and the development of radioactive waste management technology.

In this age of energy transition and the fourth industrial revolution, KAERI has established
new R&D directions in line with the government’s strategies for developing nuclear technology.

Accordingly, the institute has set five new research directions: to solve social issues, create jobs,
contribute to the national development strategy, prepare for a future society,
and lay a solid(or strong) foundation in science.

KAERI prioritizes safety in its pursuit of the five research directions.
We will exert efforts to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities and R&D activities.

By promoting transparency and increasing communication in our research and management activities, we hope to earn the trust of the public including local communities.

KAERI, which has contributed to national growth over the past 60 years, seeks to establish itself as an institute for the people. It will set new standards, emphasizing safety and human life, and produce the outstanding research outcomes. All KAERI staff members are committed to working to develop nuclear technology that people can depend on to be safe and reliable.

President, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)