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Development of Future New Industry Application Tec

  • Background
    The necessity to take on challenging technology development beyond the traditional paradigm to meet expected future demands, such as flexible energy sources that respond to the changes in the energy market, and power sources suitable for harsh environments
  • Goal
    Nuclear system technology development for flexible response to future energy demands
  • Significance
    Meet the missions of government funded research institutes ;
    • Promoting the sustainable use of nuclear energy
    • Carrying out a leading role in future technology development

Promotion Strategy

(Goal) Development of key technologies such as technologies to meet the demand for new energy sources in large plant industry and hydrogen mass production technology essential to the hydrogen economy

(Research on technological integration with the shipbuilding industry) Technology development for meeting new demand such as energy sources for mega container ships and power sources for marine city

(Preparing for an environment-friendly hydrogen era) Key technology development for eco-friendly hydrogen production in preparation for meeting high hydrogen demand with the policy of expanding the distribution of hydrogen fuel-cell cars

Research Topics
  • Development of technology for electric power sources for maritime use
  • Key technology development for eco-friendly hydrogen production
  • Development of integrated design and analysis platform for hydrogen energy conversion system

Research Facilities

  • Research Facilities

    High Temperature Helium Experimental Loop

    High temperature Helium Experimental Loop (HELP) is capable of conducting performance tests for bench-scale components and code model validation. The code validation tests are currently underway for the prismatic VHTR thermo-fluid codes developed by KAERI.
    Demonstration of pilot scale S-I thermochemical process for hydrogen production using nuclear heat from a VHTR and high temperature steam electrolysis module test will be performed after supplementing the facility in the future.

  • Research Facilities

    Fuel Manufacturing Device

    Experimental device for the development of fuel manufacturing technology applicable to multi-purpose small nuclear reactor